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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 5, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

7:00 pm to learn more. as always, we thank you for being with us. you make this show possible. can't thank you enough. set your dvr so you never miss and episode. laura ingraham is next. she will take it from here. have a great night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. obama can't save him. that's the focus of tonight's angle. now, there was raucous applause at the white house today. it wasn't for joe's handling of covid or russia or the economy. it was because the real star was back in town. barack obama. >> please welcome president barack obama. [applause]
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>> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. >> laura: now, if you thought biden looked tentative and febrile while he's been himself, it's really bad when he's on the same stage with obama. biden almost appeared to disappear in the background. >> thank you. vice president biden, vice president -- [laughter] that was a joke. i heard some changes have been made. apparently secret service agents have to wear aviator glasses now. [laughter] the navy mets have been replaced by a baskin robbins and there's
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a cat running around. >> laura: nor awhile you nor got that biden is president. and he's 38% in the polls and the democrats are set to get shellacked in the mid-terms. for a brief moment, it was like old home week. >> joe biden and i did a lot together. he's dedicated his leif to the proposition that there's something worry about public service. >> my name is joe biden. i'm barack obama's vice president. >> laura: obama is just a constant politician. he does have the uncanny ability to make the most mundane thing sound important and to sound confident even when things are falling apart. biden has the opposite problem. today he seemed even less steady and self-assured. make no mistake, this was an event to celebrate 12 years of obama care. 12. is that a special anniversary? it was an event to try to
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resuscitate joe biden. chock that up as another swing and a miss. the problem with biden, it's not his coms teams, his p.r. or not that he doesn't have obama star power and he doesn't, the problem with biden is his policies. none of his smooth talk changed what is happening. america can really see clearly what the democrat's priorities are. number 1, open borders. there's no question in my mind that biden sees it as his mission to allow in as many illegals as possible over the next three years. maybe as many as 10 or 15 million when all is said and done. second priority, sex talk with kids. the florida legislation is the tip of the iceberg. the bite den white house is aligning itself with the most radical elements on the issue. when they're pressed on it, they fall back on generalities. >> at what age does the white house think that students should
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be taught about sexual orientation and gender identity? >> we have spoken to the don't say gay bill in the past. what we think is a reflection of is politicians in florida propagating hateful policies that do nothing to address the real issues. >> laura: that was a simple question that she couldn't or didn't want to answer. it's just like judge jackson. when she pretended she couldn't define what a woman is. in both cases, both women knew the right answer. they knew if they said the truth, they would be destroyed by the left. no wonder jen psaki is heading for the hills before the mid-terms. i cann't blame he. next, prosecuting trump for january 6. so by 2024, they need to knock him out of contention. >> he took an oath to defend the
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constitution of the united states. he failed to do that for my hours while the capitol was unattack. >> he violated his own oath. >> it was the most dangerous moment for our democracy in a century. >> they see the new attorney general as their new insurance policy. according to "the new york times," biden said he privately wanted mr. garland to act less lick a job and take more against over january 6. didn't biden said he would never pressure the doj? >> i told you i would not tell the justice department what position to take. i leave that to the january 6 committee and the justice department. >> laura: just so happened to leak out that he wants garland to be a prosecutor. they are just obsessed with
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trump instead of addressing problems like inflation. fourth priority, the war on cars. if you're not driving a plug-in, you'll be paying through the nose forever. let's face it's. high gas prices are not a consequence of bad policy. high gas prices are the policy. he cancelled keystone, suspended new federal oil and gas leases, raised fees for federal drilling on land. ordered all government vehicles to be zero emission, et cetera. gas was $2.38 per gallon when he took office. now it's $4.17 per gallon. that's a 75% increase. number 5, racial resentment. have democrats given up on fixing cities and public schools in they wrecked both and now there's a mass exodus out of both. crime in underperformance will do that. of course, city struggles to recruit and retain police
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because of comments like these. >> do you believe there is systemic racism in law enforcement? >> absolutely. it's not just in law enforcements, it's across the board. it's in housing, it's in education, it's in everything we do. it's real. it's genuine. it's serious. >> laura: now these absurd and inflammatory comment are typical on college campuses. but touting the diversity, equity and inclusion racket only divides us further. 6th priority, destroying women sports. democrats are all in for the trans agenda, which goes far beyond tolerance to demands that you must accept and celebrate those choices. so by supporting biological men competing on girls and women's sports teams, the democrats have a wakened the mob vote. the daughters of mothers across the country, they didn't train to play softball just to be displaced by some 6'2" guy that
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whiffed on the men's baseball team or practiced swimming for years to be bummed by a spot on the all-american team by someone that swam with the men two years ago. >> i catched them get out and cry with their coaches and parents because of the emotional and psychological turmoil that is taking on these women. we grew up told that life is not fair in sport provides one of the very few opportunities that we have relied upon. that is being taken away from them all of a sudden. >> laura: the mom vote. take it to the bank. this adds up for a platform of misery for the democrats. and tuesday's brief obama biden reunion won't do anything. it only reinforced what we already know. that biden doesn't know what on earth he's doing or at times
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where he even is. that's the angle. joining me now, dinesh d'souza. those are the hills. i left a couple out for time. maybe abortion and porn, protecting the porn industry. those are the big issues for the democrats. and they don't seem to see that with those issues, they're dividing the country and driving voters that might have been inclined to support them away. >> yes, i think biden is being sung by two things. one is the biden agenda and the second is biden himself. so the democrats here were kinds of hoping -- they kind of know that biden doesn't know how to
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get himself out of this pit. biden is not like bill clinton who in the 1990s had shifted too far to the left and then came to realize that his support was slipping so he moderated and was able to kind of put himself back in the driver's seat. biden doesn't know how to do that, so they have to sort of reel in obama who has the same agenda as biden, but had as you mentioned, he has that kind of ability to cannibalize his radicalism. so bomb is brought in, but all he did is highlight the contrast with his own subtlety and biden's crotchety and sort of irritable manner that doesn't know how to get itself out of a mess. >> laura: there is a real question about biden's mental presence today. he was physically present. he was able to go through the
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teleprompter okay. everyone flubs up. i can. big deal. but there were times when he didn't seem to know where he was. it's actually not funny. you can laugh at it. but he's the leader of the free world and he's standing there trying to figure out where do i go. i thought i was watching a spoof of a white house event. in fact, it was a white house event. >> no, with biden, he seems to zone in and out of full consciousness. sometimes you're breathing a sigh of relief that he's there and then you realize the lights go out and so, you know, in some ways obama is to blame for all of this because obama set up this radical course. biden is doing nothing more than going in the same track as obama. i think what happened with obama is he had this remarkable ability to convey a sort of
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rhetorical sentrism. biden doesn't have that. so it's obama without the nuance and the result is the american people can see that the emperor has no gloves on. >> sean: that was a terrible idea to invite obama to the white house. and on msnbc, they gave it up. >> make obama the center. saying this party is crazy town. it's trumpist. try to make democratic base voters scared again. it's the -- they can't motivate them on the basis of hope or pocket books or any of these accomplishments. they have to scare the crap out of them. >> laura: make america afraid again, dinesh. it's all negative, all the time.
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at least he's honest. >> he's honest. but in some ways, this is going to not work this time. think about it. the whole demonology around trump was based upon the idea that trump is some kind of an autocrat. he's never going to leave the white house willingly. he doesn't accent the democratic process. he's going to come down and shut down the social media people that are censoring him. trump did none of that. he confirmed to the democratic process. so the demonization of trump today ring as lot more hollow than it did when trump himself was the president. >> laura: i don't think many people would call trump meek or describe post election as meekly. but okay, dinesh. i got your point. the exaggerated response to trump. they're worried they can't beat him. if they thought they could beat him, they wouldn't be so obsessed about him.
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they have to put him in jail. that's all they can think about it thanks, dinesh. >> it took awhile for the american people to understand what we had done. >> over 31 million people have insurance. >> today the aca hasn't just survived but it's pretty dan popular. the reason is because it's done what it has supposed to do. made a difference. >> laura: well, is that right? as doctor as cross the country are fleeing their practices, these two think things are better all the time. for some families, it's worse. >> we watched our daughter battle cancer while the institutions of medicine thanks to the aca colluded against him. my daughter'very sick under a noninsurance regime, she's now permanently unsurable. i was allowed to keep my plan as president obama promised, things would be very different.
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>> laura: joining me now, christopher colette. his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and denied under obamacare. how is colette doing now? >> she's doing well. she's in remission. been a few years now. now they wait to see. she's doing fine. >> laura: i'm a cancer survivor. >> it's a hard trial. >> laura: so you watched what happened today. a lot of celebration at the white house. basic high-fiving each other. a great moment to celebrate. 12 years of obamacare. how did it make you feel? >> pretty upset. it's funny those that celebrate it most are not under it. they exempted themselves it from. we are under it know what it's about. it's high prices, limited care and in our case, the care got so limited that we were unable to buy an insurance product for
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twice for years that would cover our daughter battling cancer. we ended up in a bad place. i'm afraid that this is where we're going for everybody if we inc. up with single pair. >> laura: so you think that's the plan all along? >> i do. >> laura: you see this with doctors who are just leaving solo practice. they can't keep up with what they have to do administratively. a lot of doctors are retiring. here's another moment from biden today. >> today 12 years later, instead of destroying the affordable care act, let's keep building on it. let's extend it. extend. >> laura: your reaction to that. >> so my reaction is that obamacare has been a very bad idea from the beginning. here's what happens with bad ideas when you make them bigger, they get worse. the real important problem that we face is what those high prices in a closed economy, which is what we have with
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obamacare a socialized economy for medical insurance products, those high prices mean that we're heading to where all economies end up, scarcity. we had no product to buy for any amount of money. what i worry about is when this gets bigger and bigger, everyone's daughter will be my daughter. because these things just don't go away. they get worse. >> laura: what is your reaction to what the republicans did or didn't do to offer their own plan or their own response? i found it pathetic. i didn't think republicans handled this well at all. >> i agreed. i turned to the republicans. this is going to sting. i said when you come back in to power and you get both houses and maybe get the presidency at the same time, for the love offed god, don't give us paul ryan-style tax cuts. this is authoritarian medicine.
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>> laura: there's no choices. >> there's no choices. >> laura: i'm so happy that we had a chance to hear from you. your testimony was so compelling. you have a lot of courage to speak out. i know you feel like it's your obligation. >> thanks for having me. >> laura: look, remember, if you can't watch the show live and i know some of you can't, make sure you set a series recording for every week night at 10:00 p.m. tight we'll have an exclusive interview with mark wahlberg and mel gibson on their new movie set, "father stu." up next, new details have ken starr calling for a new hunter biden investigation. he's here next.
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>> the white house chief of staff is saying that the president is confident his son did not break the law. >> that's something that the president has said and certainly we would echo. in the same answer to that question, peter, during an interview this week on abc, ron klain said the justice department is independent and they will make their own decisions. >> laura: speaking of ron klain, questions are swirling about a new report out that he solicited money from hunter biden for the v.p.'s residence back in 2012.
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klain asked hunter for $20,000 to keep this low, low key to prevent bad p.r. our next guest said that hunter biden's questionable business dealings were the chinese are listen alone for a special counsel and he would know. joining us now, ken starr, former whitewater independent counsel, former judge. great to see you tonight, ken. the white house claims that doj is independent. so for folks out there, why would a special counsel be necessary here? >> to ensure independence, we want the justice department to make independent judgments, but long ago as early as the administration of ulysses grant, the justice department is not independent. they're part of the executive branch. that's we have the special counsel regulations. they're the law of the land the
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last 30 years. so i've long felt that the hunter biden situation given the questionable nature of these business practices and the fact that they may very well touch on the president of the united states means that there should be special counsel appointed. >> laura: we also know that in these e-mails that are on the computer the president is referenced. he's called the big guy in one of them. another name in another -- this isn't like casual stuff. we have a major world power involved, china, which is now supporting russia in their destruction of ukraine. all of these geo political consequences, at least the appearance of impropriety with payments from china to hunter biden. this is so wild, ken and it was so quickly dismissed by the media last year. >> it's coming back. it's gotten new life because of
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renewed focus on the investigation that last been underway by the united states attorney and hunter biden into these questionable transactions, the flight on air force two where hunter biden goes to china and makes these extraordinary deals with limited qualifications to be carrying on these practices. here's the point. we need to get to the bottom of this. how does the public have assurance that there will be a thorough investigation, no fear, no favor. that's what again the special counsel vehicle device is all about. it works, it can work and should have been invoked. in delaware, the united states concern who is conducting the investigation, we need the assurance of a truly independent actor. >> laura: again, the son of the president of the united states and china, okay?
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that in and of itself says you ned a special counsel. it's too hot, too sensitive. too much at stakes. great to have you on tonight, ken. and hunter biden might not be the only conflict of interest problem. in a new letter to ron klain being released on this show tonight, three gop congressmen are requesting documents related to attorney lee lewolski. he was hired to work with the national security council on settlements and regarding the u.s. draw down from afghanistan. he resigned in january. that's where things get interesting, a month later, biden issued an executive order splitting $3.5 billion in assets from the afghan central bank among the 9-11 victims. the attorney representing the families? you get it, lee wolosky. joining us now, one of the
7:28 pm
cosigners of the letter, ohio congressman jim jordan. >> you laid it out, laura. he gets hired in september, leaves in january. days after he leaves, we find out that his law firm, he's representing the plaintiffs that get the wind fall because joe biden changed the process with an executive order. didn't go through the normal fund you go through for families that have been hurt by terrorism. so that raises all kinds of concerns. then you couple that with what we're learning about the hunter biden situation. things that get done that benefit the first family. that's our concern and why we sent the letter. >> laura: one of the lawyers is defending that huge amount of legal fees they're reset to receive. another lawyer dismissed the criticism that their potential wind fall is unfair. 20 years ago, everybody thought we were crazy when we filed this
7:29 pm
lawsuit. when you're a success, you're greedy lawyers, he said. your response. lawyers do get a lot of money, congressman. as a former practicing attorney, you know, if it's 800, to $1,000 an hour, i don't know what they charge or how they calculated it, it's a lot of money. >> they do. but this happened days after he leaves the white house where he was working on matters that pertain to afghanistan. he leaves. the money that comes from afghanistan goes around the normal process in to a new fund that will benefit the very client that he's representing just days after he leaves the white house. so again, this is the same white house that told us on sunday, oh, there's nothing to worry about. hunter biden and joe biden did nothing wrong according to ron klain, the same ron klain that you just talked about that was going to hunter biden saying can you give us money to help the vice president and key it low key. it's a concern when you have
7:30 pm
this happening at the same time, we're learning all kinds of information relative to the first family. >> laura: as you heard joe biden say oh, the justice department, they have to act independently. i'm not putting any pressure. but then they manage to leak out the fact that the president of the united states wants merrick garland, the attorney general, to act more like a prosecutor and less than a judge. they knew that was coming out. >> yeah, they wanted him to go after president trump. think about how this hunter biden story changed. it wasn't hunter biden's laptop. then it was oh, it's his laptop but russian disinformation. then it's not russian disinformation but joe biden wasn't involved. now they did anything wrong. that is amazing how that is evolved over 18 months.
7:31 pm
no, this is not true to now we have "the washington post" last wednesday write two stories. two eight-page stories four minutes apart saying it's true. the laptop the real, the eye witness is real, the e-mails are real. the only thing fake was the news and it was just days before the most important election we had and the american people were denied an opportunity to have the facts in front of them. when they make a decision about who is our commander-in-chief. that's why in is so important. then you couple it it with this story how this one lawyer benefitted days after he left the white house? that is why so many americans are so frustrated by what they see going on in today's white house and the biden administration. >> laura: it's nice "the washington post" says it's time for a reckoning over the hunter biden story. but it's kind of late. i mean, congressman, we'll find out. we'll find out the truth. thanks. some disturbing details about covid lock downs in china.
7:32 pm
what is really happening there. senator tom cotton is here and fred funk is here on the big news about tiger woods today. you tonight want to miss it. my garden is my therapy. find more ways to grow at
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>> laura: the country disney won't criticize, china, is asking people to show apocalyptic scene. it was first reported april 1. it shows citizens on their knees waiting for chinese storm troopers to scan their vaccine passports. in shanghai, the city of 26 million, is under a complete lock down because of mostly asymptomatic covid cases, the omicron variant. everyone is required to be tested. if you test positive, you're taken away to a quarantine camp. but that's not fool proof. after getting an abnormal test
7:38 pm
result, one woman spent 16 hours on a bus to one of these facilities. during the trip, no food or water. my only wish is to leave this place alive. things are not better for the lucky ones that test negative. dine wineland is saying in a shanghai hotel and he said he ran out of water. he tweeted they advised me to buy online but the delivery services have stopped. lawyer jared nelson said he wakes up at 6:00 a in to get food and water. when he got one to go through, it wasn't much but it was the most food that hey had in six days. senator tom cotton joins us. your reaction. >> i feel terrible for the chinese people that are yet again being oppressed by their own government. remember, laura, this government did something similar in the early days of the coronavirus two years ago.
7:39 pm
they were looking people in ant buildings, welding the door shut from the outside. the chinese government has no one to blame but themselves for unleashing this plague on the world. that's why they continued their absurd covid policies. remind me of the way that democrats trying to use the coronavirus for their own police call purposes. two years they shut down schools and businesses. if we let them stay in power, they will keep doing it. in the senate, they want $10 billion for more coronavirus spending. it's an emergency. they want kids to wear masks. it's an emergency. they want illegal aliens, it's not an emergency anymore. the democrats have been using this coronavirus for their own political purposes for many, many months now. >> laura: senator, disney obvious is trashing florida and
7:40 pm
the florida law about not telling kids about sexual identity about 5 to 8 years of age. they're outraged about that. disney shanghai makes a lot of money from them and you don't hear disney criticizing china. but you heard in australia has reported that china has been harvesting oregons of prisoners. new research published by the australia national research suggested that the prisoners were likely alive when the organ removal surgery began. where are the woke corporations making all the money in china speaking out on harvesting organs from prisoners that are alive that end up dying. executing them by oregon harvesting. >> it's grotesque. these reports are consistent for
7:41 pm
what's come out in years. they engage in organ harvesting and political prisoners that don't toe the party line. corporations like disney and the nba are more concerned about their bottom line. they're taking a genuine principled stand. if they think it will help them appeal to a bunch of liberals, especially the liberals that work for them, they're more than happy to insult our vehicles and republican elected fishes views. it's wore than being silent on china. they're trying to exterminate a religious organization. disney has gone out of its way to thank the chinese communist officials that are perpetrating in genocide. >> laura: that or tim cook from apple. i don't know which is worse. they're both bad.
7:42 pm
thanks for your leadership on this. china is a focus of the ohio senate rate since the state has suffered from the outsourcing of jobs and manufacturing to asia and other countries. in an interesting twist, a democrat is taking on the red menace. >> it's china, one world. china. it's us versus china. instead of taking them on, washington is wasting our time on stupid fights. >> workers are losing. it's us versus them. capitalism versus ccommunism. i'm not backing down. >> america could never be dependent on communist china. >> laura: that's rob portman's seat. the left has not warmed to it. some democrats demanding that he take that ad down. the ad one group devindicated as sinophobic. here's a potential candidate,
7:43 pm
jim timken whose husband used to run a steel company. jane, ryan is talking a good game about the china issue. what do you make of the democrats backlash to this ad? >> tim ryan can say china 25 times. but he's been in office for 25 years. he has done nothing to stand up to the chinese and protect american jobs. this is an example of the woke left. democrats job killing policies that he's been in lock step with, joe biden and nancy pelosi attacking our energy independence, pushing the green new deal. the only people that benefits is china. not american workers. president trump was right to push the america first policies, standing up for trade deals that protected american jobs and brought jobs back to ohio whether it was whirlpool producing more jobs in clyde, ohio. those are the policies that i'm
7:44 pm
going to washington d.c. to fight for. time ryan cann't no stand up for ohio jobs. he's failed ohioans for 25 years. >> laura: jane, you were in a debate with some of the republican primary candidates. some of them a pair on fox regularly. j.d. vance, mr. mandel. he's in the race as well. you're at about 8% in the polls. i like to have a lot of different people on the show. i'm fascinated. how will you break through this clogged field on the republican side? why should they elect you? >> well, look, i'm the only candidate that president trump supported to be the ohio republican party chair. i've been fighting for the america first policies. we're seeing a loot of show horses. i'm the workhorse. ohioants want somebody fighting for them. that's what i'm doing. for the polling, we're doing well. i like where we are. this is a jump ball race and it's about who can you trust to fight for the america first agenda.
7:45 pm
that's me. >> laura: jane, great to see you. thank you so much. stay there president because t.j. pro fred funk is here next on the difference between joe biden and tiger woods. what? stay there. i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> laura: turns out that all comebacks are not created equal. remember back in 2015 when obama practically begged biden not to run for president? joe made his political comeback. one we all continue to suffer through, by the way. in the world of sports, there's a lot of successful comebacks. tom brady switched teams at 42 and won a super bowl. he announced his retirement. we knew it was fake and decided to get back in the game. then there's tiger woods. he returns from a fused back to win the masters. 14 months after a car accident, so severe he almost lost a leg, he's going to come back again. >> as of right now, i feel like i'm going to play. as of right now. >> you think you can win the masters? >> i do. >> what is you seen in your preparation that leads you to believe that? >> i can hit it just fine. i don't have any qualms about what i can do physically from a golf standpoint.
7:51 pm
>> joining me now is fred funk, professional golfer and winner of the 2005 player's championship. fred, a huge fan of yours. great to have you here tonight. biden versus tiger, this is not a fair fight. you can't make the comparison. go ahead. >> no, it's not a fair fight. tiger is amazing. it's a great week we're about to have. launch of spring for the rest of the country. the masters is so special. playing the same golf course. tiger is coming back after not playing last year. it's amazing, the story of tiger. go back when he boat rocco apartment torrey pines on a broken leg. he just does things that nobody else can do. then he has the fused back and comes back from that, which i said if he came back without pain, he's still tiger woods and he's very special. more special than anybody that played the game. he came back and won and won the masters. another major.
7:52 pm
now he's going in this week after the car accident that you mentioned. everybody i was told that he's lucky that he has a leg. now he's rehabbed, going through a lot of pain. yet he's so driven to play and just perform and not give up the competitiveness that he has. it's really amazing. what he put himself through just to get ready to play again. he doesn't need to do this. he just loves the game so much, loves to compete that he's special. he's like the tom brady you mentioned. 44 years old and still winning super bowls. he retired and wants to come back because he knows he will miss it. tiger knows and beliefs he can win. that's why he showed up. it makes it so exciting -- >> laura: that's what i was go say, fred. this is what you're going to watch this weekend. this is so great for the game of
7:53 pm
golf. a lot of people thought once tiger retired, things have waned a little bit. youth lacrosse is big. all the kids are playing lacrosse. mine are. you know, that's big. but golf is special. it's a special game. it's for amazing athletes that are incredibly skilled. these the most competitive person, he and tom brady, the two most competitive people. sorry. a lot of great nba players out there. they're unbelievable. >> it's their drive and they're special athletes. because the golf, you can play a long time. football you usually don't play for three or four years. five, six, 7 years is a long career. he's playing 22 years in the nfl just doesn't happen. wove had a chance to witness the greatness of tiger woods and the greatness of tom brady. then we go every day, watching,
7:54 pm
witnessing the nongreatness of biden. he keeps just making mistakes. i would use an analogy that when tom brady sets -- gets ready for a game and you're prepared to watch tom brady, you're expecting to see greatness. when tiger woods tees it's up in a tournament, you're expecting to see greatness. when biden gets in front of the microphone, you're not expecting greatness. it's totally opposite. >> laura: fred, i have a question. who won? we got 10 seconds. who won? you or trump the last time you played? >> oh, trump actually had a hole in one the other week. his seventh hole in one. he's amazing. >> laura: you won be he got the hole in one. up next, what did biden pop in his mouth? we'll tell you. the banks, the boats.
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it's 1:00 in the morning, and i'm standing in ben-gurion airport in tel aviv, watching a miracle in process. a plane load of ukraine jews have just landed in the safe haven of israel, escaping certain devastation and perhaps death. the time for action is now. we do not know when
7:58 pm
the borders will be closed. to save one life, is to save the world. there are thousands more innocent women, children and elderly, trapped in ukraine, seeking safety and freedom. your donation of any amount will be used to save jewish lives. every donation helps. i'm asking you to help us help the jewish people of ukraine now. donate today at or call 1-855-694-9654. god bless you and
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>> widens markets him in troubl
8:00 pm
so today you tried to soothe it. >> by moving to affix a glitch in the regulations that will lower premiums avoid nearly 1 million people who need it. and allowed 200,000 more uninsured americans to get access to coverage. >> sometimes need to pop a halt what can i say? tomorrow we have a special interview mark gibson and mark wahlberg kicked to an end. >> this is a fox news alert. vladimir zelinski appearing between the un security council tuesday. he issued a stark warning there are more places suffering similar words like those it. he also stressed at the russian military must be brought to justice for war crimes like the nazis were after world war ii. >> the russian military and those who give them orders must be brought to justice immediately. for war crimes and you train at. >> any one given criminal order and carry themut


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